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What makes All British Casino unique from any other British based online casino is the fact that All British Casino is the only online casino that provides live game play associated with the land based Portomaso Casino in Malta.  It may or may not be hard for some players to travel to land based casinos in order to play their favourite table games, but why hassle yourself when the casino can come to you?

The best advantage of online casinos such as All British Casino is that players need not leave the comfort of their own homes or any computer for that matter as a player can play online and join in the fun of their favourite All British Casino Games.  If a player however prefers the feeling and joy that a land based casino provides whilst playing the most popular table games such as All British Casino Live Roulette, All British Casino Live Blackjack or All British Casino Live Baccarat, then the player need not worry as these types of games are also available on All British Casino.

For starters you may question how it is even possible to play with live dealers from the comfort of your own computer.  Well All British Casino has the unique ability of offering a connection to the land based Portomaso Casino which is located on the island of Malta.  This way players need not travel to any land based casino as the casino table games will come straight to them.  The way it works is that in the Portomaso Casino, cameras are placed on top of various tables where live dealers will be dealing to land based players who would be playing within the casino itself.  The cameras will then transmit the live feed in real time to All British Casino where online players can view the goings on of the Portomaso Casino and are free to join in the games themselves.  As this feed is broadcasted in real time, nothing is recorded and through the use of a streaming process the dealers may be viewed immediately as soon as one of these table games is opened.  These types of live games are only available for as long as the land based Portomaso Casino is open for between the hours of 10:00 (CET) and 05:00 (CET).  This means that online players have quite a few hours to join the games at any point in time they wish.  Not two games will be the same as they are not recorded. The fact that these games are transmitted in real time can be proved by the fact that next to each dealer there is a television screen broadcasting the CNN channel in real time and this can be checked at any time.

From the online player’s point of view, the player can see these feeds on a small window that pops up as soon as any of the following games are accessed: All British Casino Live Roulette, All British Casino Live Blackjack and / or All British Casino Live Baccarat.  AS soon as one of these games is opened, the majority of the screen will be covered by any imitated tableau of the game in question where an online player may place his / her bets. On the top right corner of the same screen, a small window will be automatically opened with the game and the dealers may be seen dealing.  This small window is directly linked to the cameras within the land based Portomaso Casino and it will automatically zoom in and out from the dealer to the table (or in the case of roulette between the roulette wheel and the table).  This way all online players may see exactly what is going on within the land based casino without feeling left out of the scene and can still gain the same feeling as if the player was within the land based casino himself / herself.  All game play within this section of the All British Casino website is fair and just.

The dealers who will be dealing for the All British Live Casino are specially trained professional dealers who have been hired by the Portomaso Casino to accommodate not only the online players but also the players who would be playing in the land based casino itself.  The dealers are switched approximately every 30 minutes (depending on how busy the casino is) and therefore there is always a change in the dealers.  The dealers themselves are constantly being monitored by the Portomaso Casino and all games being played are fair and just and there is no room for manipulation from any sides.

If a player is unsure of how the game actually works or has never experienced such live games, he / she is able to access any of the live games prior to registering an account or logging into his / her account without the need to bet real money.  If this said player wishes to simply practice and / or try out any of these games they are able to thanks to the ability to claim free virtual money to play with before accessing an account.  The way it works is as soon as the players opens the website and enters one of the three live games (All British Casino Live Roulette, All British Casino Live Blackjack or All British Casino Live Baccarat) a substantial amount of free credit is credited into the game.  With this credit the player can play for as long as he / she wish in order to try out the game.  Thanks to these games not needing to be downloaded this kind of free game play is available to be played from any computer anywhere in the world.  The free credit can be renewed every time the game is refreshed and therefore the money as such never runs out.  Through this method the player may play for fun while viewing the methods in which the dealers of Portomaso Casino work.  For further details on how each of the live games is played, we provide you with such information in the separate sections of this website.