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The most popular virtual games by far have to be the slots and video slots provided by the All British Casino.  It is a well known fact that players who visit land based casinos will find that most people will be sitting at the slots sections spending hours upon hours spinning those slots.

However why travel to land based casinos when you can do the same thing from home and have a better variety of fun slots.

For starters, all types of slot machines provided by the All British Casino Games are brought to the players by Netent (Net Entertainment).  As the name suggest, Netent provides state of the art online entertainment for all kinds of online players.

What makes these games so unique to the All British Casino is the fact that every single one of those slot machines are of the highest quality and all the games contain well detailed graphics, animation and clear and crisp sound effects and music.

These factors all add to the amazing fun factor which are the All British Casino slots.  The slots are divided into two distinct types of slots.  There are the standard Slot machines which are otherwise referred to as the traditional fruit machines and there are the more complex video slots.

Although all kinds of slots offer the amazing fun factors mentioned above, video slots offer something extra that no land based casino video slots can provide; they offer a sense of interaction just like playing a video game.

The All British Casino video slots also offer players the chance to make the game play easier by providing a series of clickable buttons which provide fast game play such as the automatic button.  This button will allow the video slot to automatically spin on its own a specified amount of times instead of the player clicking the spin button each and every time.

These video slots come in various forms ranging from five reels, eight reels and others to 30 lines, 25 lines and various other variations.  Each one of the video slots has a different theme and each symbol within the video slots adapts to that particular theme.

For example, there are games such as Geisha wonders (whose theme is Japan), Blood Suckers (whose theme is vampires), Jack and the Beanstalk (whose theme is based on the story of the Jack, the giant and the beanstalk), there is Jack Hammer (whose theme is based on a comic book) and many more.  There are approximately 50 of these video slots to choose from all unique in their own way.

All British Casino is constantly trying to bring new games to the video slots section of this website where some are standard video slots and others provide players the opportunity to win big thanks to their progressive jackpots.

These progressive jackpots accumulate as a percentage of all players’ bets in the game which is ‘donated’ to this jackpot.  In order for a player to win any of these progressive jackpots, he / she would need to make maximum bets with each spin to come that one step closer to winning the progressive jackpot.

Each bet per line varies in each game depending on the value of the coins in the game.  In order to view these values, a player may enter any of the video slots before registering or logging into his / her account and try the games out beforehand.

One of the best advantages this online All British Casino offers is the ability for players to try out any of the video slots beforehand in order to see how fun they really are.  In order for a player to be able to do so, he/she will need to access the All British Casio Games from the website by simply clicking on the desired video slot without logging into an account.

Once this is done and the game opens up, a certain amount of free credit will be allocated automatically to the game.  A player may then utilise this amount of free credit however he / she wishes.  If this amount runs out, then the player may renew this amount by simply refreshing the game and voila! The player may then begin playing for more fun.

Being also that none of these video slots need to be downloaded in order to be played, they make an online player’s life much easier as the games may be played from any computer anywhere in the world without the frustration of waiting for a game to be downloaded.

In the All British Casio Games, as soon as the player clicks on the video slot he / she desires, the game will open up automatically.  It is important to note however that although these games may be played from anywhere around the world, the player must be a registered resident of the United Kingdom in order to take advantage of the All British Casino Bonus.

All video slots offer online players the opportunity to make use of the brilliant All British Casino Bonus.  The bonus may come in various forms, whether free extra credit or free spins to be utilised within the video slots.

The free extra credit may be given in the form of a 50% welcome bonus (where players are given 50% extra of their first deposit) or a particular amount at any given time.

On the other hand, the free spins may be given out at any time within a video slot whereby an online player would need to spin and receive a Wild or Scatter symbol which will automatically allocate a number of free spins.

The more free spins the better, as a player will be given a better chance to win big with All British Casino.  Other games also offer players mini games within the video slots games themselves as soon as the player spins a Wild Symbol.

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As soon as a player wins a series of wild symbols, a new window will automatically open within the game where a player would be able to play an additional game such as ‘shoot the penguin’, or ‘mix and match’ or ‘heads or tails’; there are countless of these games which may be played according to the video slot where the wild symbols would have been spun.