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One of the most popular games in the All British Live Casino has to be the Roulette.  In fact Roulette is a very popular game among thousands of players who even frequent land based casinos. However, as it is this popular, players may find themselves disappointed when attending a land based casino.

Some players may or may not find it difficult to travel to the closest land based casino to them whether it is for physical or financial reasons.  However even once a player makes it to the land based casino, he / she may be disappointed to find the Roulette tables full on a busy night and will have to wait around for a slot to open so that they themselves may begin playing.  With All British Casino there is no such thing as waiting around and waiting to play; as such there are no queues or limit to the total amount of people who can play the same game.  Therefore this adds to the best factors of All British Casino as all a player would need to do is access the desired Roulette game and the player may begin playing immediately.  This is also available as none of the Roulette games need to be downloaded in order to be played allowing a player to access the game from any computer anywhere in the world as long as there is internet access and the player is of the legal age to be playing in a casino.  However a player must first understand how it is even possible to play live Roulette with All British Casino.

The online live roulette game has exactly the same rules and regulations as a land based Roulette game.  The goal is to make a bet on the number the player predicts will be the winning number.  The game itself comprises of a Roulette numbered table, a numbered spinning roulette wheel and the dealer will spin a small white ball in the moving roulette wheel until the ball falls into a numbered gap to reveal the winning number.   There is a period of time a player is given to place bets and if this time has surpassed and the player has not managed to place a bet then he / she would have to wait until the next game to place the bets.

The way the connection is made to a live dealer is that All British Casino works closely with the land based Portomaso Casino which is located on the island of Malta.   The Portomaso Casino is a well established land based casino that is daily growing in popularity amongst locals and foreigners.  The foreign players in fact travel to the island of Malta for the sole purpose of playing in this casino.  The reason why this casino has become so popular is because of its modern installations of the latest games and the well trained professional dealers.  These dealers have been trained to provide the best game play possible for its land based players.  This is where the online players then come in.  Any online players of All British Casino are in the position to join in any of these table games including Roulette, All British Casino Live Blackjack and / or All British Casino Live Baccarat.  The way it works is that as soon as the tables open within the Portomaso Casino, so do the tables online.  As Roulette is a very popular game, two tables will be opened for the online players to join in.  There will be cameras located right above the Roulette table and this camera will transmit a live feed of what is going on at that particular table to the All British Casino website.  This way, as soon as a player opens up the game he / she will be able to view the dealer within the casino straight away.   As none of these games need to be downloaded a player can view this live feed from any computer anywhere around the world.  So whether for free play or through a registered account the Roulette games are available to any British player who is located anywhere in the world.  However it is important to note that in order for a player to take advantage of the All British Casino Bonus, he / she would have to have proof of residence that he / she is in fact a registered resident of the United Kingdom.

Now this is how the live Roulette works for an online player.  A player will open up the game (whether to play with free virtual money or real money) and once the game and the camera feed windows have opened a player may begin playing.  An amount of designated time is allocated at the beginning of each game to give the online player a chance to place his / her bets.  The betting limits depend on the game which the player has chosen.  An online player can choose between two tables and each table has three separate subdivided tables depending on the minimum and maximum the player wants to place.  This will be completely up to the player to choose.  Then the player has a choice of various places to place his / her bets on the imitation Roulette tableau on the screen.  The tableau is exactly the same as the one in the actual land based casino based of European Roulette.  The bets could range from straight up numbers, columns, odds or evens, black or red numbers and so on (a list of the types of bets that can be made is within the game itself on the All British Casino website.  Once the time has stopped and the player has placed his / her bets the dealer will start spinning the white ball on the rotating Roulette wheel.  The online player will be able to view this from up close as the camera will then zoom in on the Roulette wheel.  Once the ball fall into a numbered gap on the roulette wheel that same number will be the winning number.  If the player has placed a bet on this number, then the player will receive the winnings according to the bet he / she has made.