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Another popular game within the All British Live Casino is the game of Blackjack.  This game is also one of the most popular games played in various land based casinos around the world.  This game is available for both high rollers and / or players who are low rollers and the same applies to players who wish to play online.

All British Casino offers two version of Blackjack which are: the virtual version which can be found in the All British Casino Games and of course the live game found in the All British Live Casino section of the online casino website.

Blackjack is a simple game to play and it can be as fast paced or as slow paced as the player wishes.  The goal of the game is to obtain a hand whose cards either amount to a total of 21 points or a hand that has a total number of points higher than the dealer’s hand as long as this amount does not exceed twenty one points.

The best hand a player can hope to receive is a hand containing a picture card (either a Jack, Queen or King card) and an Ace card which add up to the twenty one points.  The way the point system works is quite simple.

All picture cards which are King, Queen and Jack, and the number 10 card have a total of ten points each; an Ace card can either have a total of eleven points or one point depending on the cards which were dealt either before or after the Ace; all other cards are calculated on their face value which means that if a player is dealt a e.g. 6 then this will have six point or if the player is dealt a 9 then this will have nine points and so on and so forth.

Therefore as mentioned earlier the best hand a player can be dealt is either a King, Jack or Queen which equal to ten points each and Ace taken at eleven point, therefore amounting to 21 (twenty one) points.

But as mentioned earlier if a player does not manage to get such cards, it is not the end of the game as the player still has a chance of winning if the dealer’s hand totals to less points than the player’s hand.

The way the All British Casino live Blackjack functions may have the same rules and regulations of a standard Blackjack game, however there is a slight difference to the method of game play.

For starters, it is important to point out that what makes the online casino live Blackjack game better than the game played in a land based casino is the fact that there is no limit to the number of players who may join in and play the same game.

Therefore there is no chance of players waiting around for a slot to open in order for them to play as some players may have to do in land based casinos.  No matter the night or how busy the land based Portomaso Casino may be, players will still be able to play online at any time.

The way it works is that a live camera is placed on top of the Blackjack table and the Portomaso dealer.  This live camera will transmit a live feed from within the casino to the All British Live Casino.

In turn the players from home will be able to view the dealer dealing as well as a zoomed in picture of the cards being dealt.  As this transmission is live, none of the games are pre recorded and anything could happen during the game without a player knowing from beforehand.

This enables a player to play a fair and honest game just like he / she would expect to play in a land based casino.   From the comfort of his / her own computer a player will be able to place bets within a designated time frame while the dealer then deals the cards to a general designated area where the player would have placed the bet.

A player gets a chance to bet on three or on one of three distinct locations where the hands will be dealt.  The bet is placed beforehand and therefore once the time has expired then the dealer from within the Portomaso Casino is indicated when to begin dealing the new game.

Now, as mentioned earlier there is no limit to the number of players who can access and play the live version of Blackjack (the same applies for the virtual version).  Because there is no such limit, it would be highly impossible for all the online players to communicate with the dealer.

This is how the online live and virtual versions differ.  While in the virtual Blackjack game a player get the choice whether to request new cards to be dealt to his / her hand, in the live version this is not possible.

As no online players can communicate with the live dealer, it is up to the dealer to deal out the appropriate number of cards to each hand depending on the points of the hand already dealt.  This means that if after a certain amount of cards, the total points add up to sixteen or less, the dealer will deal further cards.

If the total amount of points of the hand is seventeen or more, the dealer will stop dealing the hand.  This means that it is the responsibility of the dealer to follow the very strict rules and regulations of this version of the Blackjack game.

Although the main duty of the player is to simply place bets, it is still a game of chance where the player attempts to predict and bet on the hand he / she thinks will be the winning hand.

Should a player wish to research further information of these rules and regulations of Blackjack, the player may view such information from the game itself from within the All British Casino website.

Want to know more about Blackjack online? At Blackjacktoplay.com you will find anything related to this amazing table game.