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Baccarat is a fast paced game and another popular table game played within land based casinos and online casinos alike such as All British Casino.  The object of the game is to place a bet based on a player’s prediction of which hand will be the winning hand dealt.  This game works on a point system where each card has a designated amount of points and the hand with the highest points wins.

In the Baccarat game a player has a choice of placing a bet on one of the designated areas marked ‘Player’, ‘Bank’ or ‘Tie’.  This game is also sometimes referred to as Puntobanco where the names of the betting areas are slightly different and in the Italian language.  These are named ‘Punto’ (for Player), ‘Banco’ (for Bank) and ‘Tie’ remains the same.  The cards are dealt in the two sections named Player / Punto or Bank / Banco.  The ‘Tie’ option is in case the player decides to place a bet on this hoping that the points of Banker / Banco and Player / Punto add up to the same amounts as cards are only dealt in the Player / Punto and Bank / Banco section of the table.  The rules and regulations of the live version of Baccarat / Puntobanco in the All British Live Casino are the same as the rules and regulations of a standard Baccarat game.  There is no difference in the method of play except the only difference is the game is brought to the player instead of the player travelling in order to play the game.  As the game is based on a point system, the points are fairly easy to remember.  All picture cards which are the King, Queen and Jack cards as well as the 10 card all have a total of zero (0) points, while all the rest of the cards are calculated on fact value i.e. the 9 has nine points, the 5 has five points and so on and so forth.   This pay a player can calculate for himself / herself the winning hand if in doubt.  The tricky part however of Baccarat is what the dealer has to face when dealing the cards.  Baccarat has very strict rules when it comes to dealing the cards and it is very important that the dealer know these rules in order to provide a good game.

The dealers which a player may view from the All British Casino website are professionally trained dealers who would be dealing from within the Portomaso Casino on the island of Malta.  These dealers are employed by this casino to offer fair and honest game play to players (whether land based or online players) and these dealers will switch around every thirty minutes or so depending on how busy the casino is.  This way there is always a change in dealer.  In the game of Baccarat a dealer will need to deal between two or three cards to the designated Banker / Banco and Player / Punto areas on the table depending on the rules of the game.  These rules may be viewed by the player himself from the game on the All British Casino website.  But a player is always able to watch the dealer dealing in the land based Portomaso Casino from his / her own computer.

The way this works is that from within the Portomaso Casino, the dealers have a camera placed on top of them and on top of the table where they are dealing from.  This camera will transmit a live feed connected to the All British Casino and players from home will be able to view the live broadcast while playing the game.  Although the dealers and the online players are unable to communicate there is a signal indicated on the dealers screen when players have placed bets (although they will not be able to tell which players have joined the table online as there is no limit to the number of players who may join the same game).  The players are given a specific amount of time when to place their bets and once the timer has expired (whether the player managed to place a bet on time or not), the dealer will be indicated when to start dealing.  All this is done in real time and none of the games are pre recorded.  And since Baccarat is a fast paced game there are hundreds of games which may be played within one day.  If a player does not manage to make it on time to place a bet on one particular game then he / she need not worry as a new game will begin within minutes.  At any given time a player will be able to see when a game ends and when the next one is about to begin.

An online player will have the accessibility to view what is going on in the land based Portomaso Casino and the table game which he / she will be playing as well as being able to place bets on an imitation table on the online player’s computer screen.  The way the game screen is set up is similar to that of a land based Baccarat game.  As soon as a player opens up the game of Baccarat which he / she wishes, based on the table limits they prefer, the screen will automatically open up into two sections; a small window where the live broadcast may be viewed on the top right corner and the table where the player will be able to place the bets.  Although the broadcast screen takes up a little room on the computer screen of the online player, the camera located above the dealer will automatically zoom in and out between the whole table and the cards being dealt.  This way a player will never miss out on anything going on the Baccarat table within the Portomaso Casino.

All transactions and bets made by the player during the Baccarat / Puntobanco games are simultaneously recorded as the cards are dealt on the player’s online account.  And for any queries regarding the game play, a player may simply contact the customer support staff of the All British Casino via email, telephone or live chat and quote the game number in question.