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Welcome Bonus 100% up to £50

What makes any online casino competitive is the fact that it offers great bonuses for its online players.  The better the bonuses the better the online casino and All British Casino is no exception to this rule.  The fact that online casinos are able to offer their players great bonuses is a sign of the seriousness within the online casino itself.

No land based casino would ever hand out their players as many bonuses as All British Casino does.  Although land based casinos offer special offers to their players in the forms of credit or offer them free drinks or meals none are as rewarding as the ones handed out by this online casino.  Bonuses may come in various forms whether in the form of free credit, free spins, a gathering of points or otherwise, and all these bonuses could come at various times.  Some online casinos may offer a bonus at the beginning of a player’s registration and that would be the end of the bonuses handed out.  But All British Casino is known to give out bonuses at different periods whether daily, monthly or even at random to both frequent players and newly registered players.  The bonuses given out may be utilised in most of the All British Casino Games although few are handed out in the All British Live Casino.  The bonuses handed out in the Al British Games can be played with any virtual games including the table games, card games, arcade games, slots and the most popular All British Casino video slots on the market.  However the most popular bonus to be handed out is the welcome bonus.

Every single online casino including the All British Casino give newly registered players a welcome bonus.  In the case of All British Casino the welcome bonus comes in the form of 50% of the players’ first deposit.  As soon as a player registers and places his / her first deposit the bonus will automatically come into effect.  As there are various games that may be played with the said bonus, as soon as a player enters ones of these games, the bonus and the player’s balance is automatically transferred to this said game.  It is important to note that together with this welcome bonus and any other bonuses handed out there are rules and regulations of the game that need to be followed.  It is therefore imperative that a player reads through and understands these rules and regulations so as to know what to expect and there are no surprises.  For starters, a player should know that when the bonus and balance are transferred to a game that accepts the bonus, the first amount to be played will be the players’ initial deposit and then the bonus amount.  Also an important thing to remember with the bonuses is that in order for a player to withdraw or transfer any balances (winnings) from the bonus, he / she will need to meet the wagering requirements that come with these bonuses.  The wagering requirement is the number of times the bonus needs to be wagered in order to move the balance from the bonus game.  The wagering requirements of the bonuses of All British Casino are usually 20 times.  However should there be a change in this factor the player will be gotten into contact with in order to be informed of the change.  So the way the wagering requirement works is that if a player deposits let’s say £40, and then he / she will receive an additional £20 in the form of a bonus.  Then once the player has entered the bonus game the £60 will be transferred to this game.  The wagering requirement is then based on the bonus amount and calculated as follows: £20 bonus money multiplies by the 20 times bonus wagering requirement comes to a total of £40 worth of wagering.  This means that the player needs to wager this amount of the bonus in order to proceed in transferring any winning obtained from this same bonus.  A player, however, is not necessarily obligated to wager a bonus if he / she does not want to receive it in the first place.

As some bonuses such as the welcome bonus is given to players automatically in their account, a player has the choice to either request to not receive the bonus and / or cancel it him / herself through an option that is provided within the player’s account.  If a player finds difficulties in cancelling the bonus themselves, then he / she may contact the customer support department via email, telephone or live chat, and after verification the bonus may be then cancelled by the support staff.  If a player does not wish to play any virtual games and wishes to solely play the games available in the All British Live Casino (where most bonuses do not apply), and forgets to cancel the bonus, once a player attempts to enter a live game an automated pop up will indicate to the player that he / she has a bonus available and if the player wishes to cancel the bonus before proceeding to play the live game.  If the answer is ‘Yes’ the bonus will then be cancelled and the player can go ahead and play the live game.  However if the answer is ‘No’ the player will need to transfer to a bonus game where he / she can continue to play the bonus.  Even if a player chooses to cancel any bonuses he / she will still be allowed to play any of the virtual games from the All British Casino Games where the bonus would have originally been allocated to; basically without the bonus the player can play any of the multitudes of games available on the All British Casino website.

Other available bonuses to be obtained also include the free spins which are available in the All British Casino Video slots and slot games.  These free spins can be gained as soon as a player spins and received scatter or wild symbols.  However more information on this may be found in a separate section relating to slots on our website.